About Us

Do you live in the 70s?

Do you use landlines?

Do you think seat-belts are only for planes?

Then why are you buying your car the wrong way?


Come on! You are in a world that starts with Alexa and ends with Netflix! Why should cars be driven the boring way? Enter the exciting and fast lane of car shopping and trading. Enter AutolotX.

A Fast-and-Furious player in the space of car trading, and retailing, that has been cruising smoothly for the past many years. We bring the simplicity and fun of getting a car online with extreme innovation and with utmost reliability.

The used-vehicle model helps to save the environment while also equipping car-dreamers with easy access to the cars they aspire for.

It’s a win-win for everyone. The planet. The car-trader. The car-dealer. The car-financing company. And the best – for you. The one who is looking for a car!

Drive into the future with this four-wheel drive

1. Confusion – No Headache: Find an exciting burst of choice, Free delivery and easy 7-day return policy

2. Trust – No Headache: Filtered by inspection experts, Assurance of Certified vehicles, Rigor of stringent conditioning standards applied on every car offered to you

3. Money – No Headache: Pre-qualification for financing, Easy trade-in options, Eye-popping coverage cycle, Smooth and hassle-free loans, Affordable options across all categories, Personalised credit options, auto loan calculators

4. Doubt – No Headache: Top Gear for Safety and Sanitised processes, Contactless Delivery, End-to-End protection, Friendly maintenance package, Long-term savings and returns

Park your future into the best spot 


• Cars that fit your budget, time, quirks and dreams – everything

• Cars more instant than instant Coffee – Hardly minutes to get an offer

• Cars that are picked and delivered at your door-step – All you need to do is wear your sun-glasses and be ready

• Cars that are open for free trials and test-runs – If you don’t like it, just don’t fret. Give it back

• Cars that do not gather dust because of money issues – We offer simple and real-time financing support for all brackets of needs and preferences

• Cars that just start- No waiting time at the dealers, No struggles for finance, No hidden fees

Above all..it’s so much fun to shop for a car at AutolotX…just the way you shop for a chocolate.



About Us

Be happy like a child. Be excited again.

Over 100 brands..waiting for you..whirring and purring
  • Any Color you want….
  • Any Model you like…
  • Any Make/Brand you fancy….
  • You can also get a custom car or an international car here…
Also, there’s more under the hood:
A big kitty of tools that help you stay ahead of the sharp turns:
  • AutolotX Car Finder – just answer some questions and we will find the car just-right for you
  • Payment estimator- Enjoy easy loan availability and financing
  • Trade-in Estimator- Want to showcase your car for trade-in? Find out how much

Get to know how

Trade your car in a few simple steps.

Start the Engine

Search, Browse and find your car

Hit the first gear

Look for trade-in estimation, if needed

Accelerate without hiccups

Apply for easy loan programs

Roll the windows

Get ready to receive the car at your doorstep

Bonus : A seven-day trial time

So why are you still standing on the kerb?

Get in the front seat of a thrilling lifestyle. Just zip, zap, zoom into worry-free driving!

AutolotX. Where Your Car Rocks!